WMOA/NASO Partnership + Membership

From Brad Brunet, WMOA Football & Basketball Registrar:

I’m pleased to announce a partnership the WMOA has formed with NASO to provide membership and other benefits at a reduced rate. NASO will offer our association a reduced rate of only $76 per year for each member, which is $27 off the normal membership rate of $103. We need at least 25 members to sign up for this in order to take advantage of these savings.

Any members who were already current NASO members would be refunded and would re-join with the group. Meaning that if you sign up with us, your membership you run from July 1, 2015 – June 30th, 2016. NASO would mail you a refund check for the amount that is currently left on your membership you already have. You will not lose any converge time and will not pay anything more.

Please see all the attachments for the complete benefits for being a member of NASO, but a few important ones are:

$3 million in General Liability coverage
$10,000 Assualt Protection
If you become hurt and unable to work, you will be paid for those contest you already have contracts for.
Free subscription to Referee Magazine.
20% off Ciff Keen Orders
Discount on study materials

All officials should be a member of NASO just for the insurance coverage for working any contest. Remember, the MHSAA only covers you while you work MHSAA games.

If you would like to sign up for the WMOA NASO membership reduced rate, please mail me your check in the amount of $76 made out to the WMOA by June 13th at:

Brad Brunet
5496 Lilly Ct SW
Wyoming, MI 49509

If you have any questions about NASO membership or how the whole thing works, please email me.