WMOA Charitable Giving – There is still so much more to do…

From Robert Atkinson – WMOA Secretary

At its April meeting your board of directors discussed and debated whether we should continue with the charitable fund raising efforts, and if so, where can we have the most impact. I’m going to be honest, I leaned on them pretty hard. But for the right reasons.

You may know that I died at an E. Kentwood boy’s, varsity basketball scrimmage in June of 2009. Because the school had an AED in the building, a nurse from the crowd commenced CPR and eventually shocked me back to life. I have already been saved and I want to make sure that under similar circumstances the same can be true for you.

Although the charities we discussed are certainly worthy causes, there is no charity that benefits you more than providing AEDs to every gym and field in West Michigan. We don’t want another Dan Nameth award, and I don’t want it to be you. Before we leave this charity, for our own sake, let’s accomplish the goal to fund AEDs for schools that still need them. And one often isn’t enough. E Kentwood now has 7. Death comes quickly if the AED isn’t easily accessible.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with self-interest. After all, it is our donation. Let’s set a goal to fund 3 more this year and little by little we can insure our own preservation while we help the kids enjoy their contests.

Thanks for your donation.