Proposed ByLaw Changes

The WMOA has recommended the following changes to the organization by laws.  To be voted on by the active membership.

Proposed Change to Article III, Paragraph Two (2).

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP shall be open to currently registered football and basketball MHSAA officials.  Members shall have the opportunity to attain Member In Good Standing (MIGS) status by (1) attending a minimum of 50% of regularly scheduled WMOA , rules /mechanics meetings for each of their sport of choice in the year preceding such designated MIGS status; and, (2) have paid their current dues and special assessments for their designated sport(s) on or before July 31 of the current year, and (3) have paid the assessed dues for the prior year, of membership in each specific sport for which they are seeking MIGS status. Current year is defined as August 1 to July 31.


Proposed change to Article III, Paragraph Three (3)

All members shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of membership upon fulfillment of the membership requirements contained by these bylaws and, shall be eligible for election as an officer, assignments in committees, and to cast one vote in connection with the formal business conducted by the association. Privileges afforded to Active Members, including, but not limited to game assignments, may be suspended or revoked by the Board of Directors if all dues, special assessments and/or late fees are not paid as required.


Proposed change to Article V, Paragraph Two (2)

Dues shall be payable on or before July 31 for the current year of membership. Single membership dues (football or basketball) shall be $40.00. Dual membership (football and basketball) shall be $50.00. A penalty of ($20.00) will be assessed for late payments for single sport or dual sport registration received after July 31.  If an official is joining as a new member, no late fee will apply.  A new member is an official who has never been a previous member of the WMOA, not a former member who has not maintained active membership.