Board of Directors Open Positions

To ALL WMOA members:
As we near the end of another season, we need to move our focus and attention to the future. In just a few weeks (March 17), we will be holding our annual membership meeting. Among several topics, we will need to finalize our election of open Board positions.
Those positions will include:

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From the President’s Whistle

From the President’s Whistle


I am confident that many, if not all of you, are looking forward to the day we no longer have to plow or snow blow our driveways and walks. As much as the changing of the seasons brings a new sport season it also brings with it a change of temperature. I for one am looking forward to warmer weather, soon.

The WMOA Board of Directors has had a busy year and as we draw closer to the end and nearer ...

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Basketball MIGS status for WMOA

  • With the cancellation of a second BB member meeting, the WMOA Board of Directors has modified meeting attendance standards for Member in Good Standing (MIGS).
  • We have adjusted the minimum number of credits required this year for MIGS status next year (2014/15) to 2 (two) rather than 3 as has been the standard.
  • As a reminder, this requirement is not the only requirement to achieve MIGS status.  The other requirements are on the MHSAA website.
  • One of the most significant impacts of MIGS ...
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Member in Good Standing (MIGS) Meeting Attendance Standards

The MHSAA by-laws state that one of the requirements to do be a member in good standing with an approved association is to attend 50% or more of all association meetings.

For the basketball season of 2013/14, the WMOA has 7 meetings scheduled:

  1. Meeting #1 October 28 (Grandville HS Coaches/Officials joint session)
  2. Meeting #2 November 11
  3. Meeting #3 November 25
  4. Meeting #4 December 16
  5. Meeting #5 January 6
  6. Meeting #6 January 27
  7. Meeting #7 February 17

In addition, the WMOA Board of Directors had authorized other opportunities to gain ...

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Basketball Tournament Recommendations

Based on the forms submitted to the WMOA, the following member names have been forwarded to the MHSAA as recommended for tournament assignment.


Boys Tournament

Bob Wojcik, Luke Verbeek, Todd Frazier, TJ Restau, Sean Black, Bryan Boersma, Brian Vogel, Doug Kaptein, Doug Diekman, Kurtis Hoffman


Girls Tournament

Doug Diekman, Luke Verbeek, Mathew Kuiper, Pete VanGessel, Sean Black, Brian Vogel, Doug Kaptein, Douglas Stelma, Todd Frazier, Kurtis Hoffman

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NEW NFHS Backcourt Mechanics

Please see the following documents that explain the new NFHS backcourt mechanics.

Backcourt mechanics Nov 2013 version A

Backcourt mechanics Nov 2013 version B

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Association Official Action Positions

Please see the following document that details the WMOA’s official position on proper equipment, new NFHS mechanics, pre-game protocol, and training.

WMOA Official Action Positions

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Football Semi and Final assignments

2013 WMOA Football Officials that are working either Semi-finals and/or Finals


Semi Finals Officials:

Adam Lamos, Mike Warmouth, Matt Rich, Tom Essenburg, Mike VanderVelde, Mike Antonides, Kevin Bayko, Joe Broussard, Pete Cool, Jeff Siler, Ed Steenbergen, Paul Wiercinski, Bob Youngs

 Finals Officials:

Mike VanderVelde, Mike Antonides, Jeff Siler, Paul Wiercinski

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2013 Football Tournament Recommendations

Congratulations to the following officials whose names were given to the MHSAA for Tournament Recommendation:

Crews: Burke, Brunet, Essenburg, Perrin, Rumney, VanderVelde, Vincent

Referee: Tom Vincent, Mike VanderVelde, Tom Essenburg, Mike Bos, Joe Perrin

Umpire: Mike Underwood, TJ Restau, David Postma, Charles Picardy, Mike Schmidt

Head lines: Adam Lamos, Brian Goda, Marc Nichols, Jim Lynema

Line judge: Joel Koch, Jeff Hudson, Al Noles, Mike Antonides, Kevin Vanderhulst

Back judge: Pete Cool, Patrick Malone, Dale Chiles, Scott Knoop, Donald Chubb

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Football: CFO Targeting Flow Diagram

Football Officials:

Click the link below to see the 2013 NCAA Targeting Flow Diagram
CFO Targeting Flow Diagram

NOTE: This diagram will also be permanently linked on the Football Resources page here: Football Resources

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