MHSAA – NASO Scholarships

The Michigan High School Athletic Association has been afforded the opportunity to grant a limited number of scholarships to local officials in the state of Michigan who will be attending the NASO Summit to be held in Grand Rapids on July 28-30th. These scholarships are for individuals who can and will commit to attend the three day summit on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, July 28-30 along with the MHSAA State Meeting on Saturday, July 27.

The Board of Directors of the West Michigan Officials Association would like to recommend to the MHSAA a list of names from our membership for consideration. To be nominated a person must be a Member in Good Standing for the previous season 2012-2013 and willing to commit for all three days.

To be considered for this nomination your name must be submitted either by email or letter, time stamped or postmarked, no later than May 24. Submit your name to Robert Atkinson, Secretary at  secretary@wmoa.net or mail to address 2484 Shadow Lake Ct, Grand Rapids, MI 49505.

The selection of scholarship recipients will be made by the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

Application and payment of the MHSAA “State” day held on Saturday, July 27 will be the responsibility of each individual.