Member in Good Standing (MIGS) Meeting Attendance Standards

The MHSAA by-laws state that one of the requirements to do be a member in good standing with an approved association is to attend 50% or more of all association meetings.

For the basketball season of 2013/14, the WMOA has 7 meetings scheduled:

  1. Meeting #1 October 28 (Grandville HS Coaches/Officials joint session)
  2. Meeting #2 November 11
  3. Meeting #3 November 25
  4. Meeting #4 December 16
  5. Meeting #5 January 6
  6. Meeting #6 January 27
  7. Meeting #7 February 17

In addition, the WMOA Board of Directors had authorized other opportunities to gain a meeting credit. These additional opportunities were:

  • Officiate Michigan Day, a special day (Saturday July 27, 2013) scheduled as part of the NASO Summit held in Grand Rapids July 27-30.
  • Officiating camp/clinics held at East Kentwood HS. There were 5 eligible dates: Sat. Nov. 30, Monday-Thursday Dec. 2-5.

All totaled, there were 13 separate dates to attain the required 3 credits to gain MIGS status for the 2014/15 season.

Meeting #5 was cancelled due to severe weather.

The WMOA Board of Directors has determined that there will be no change to the current meeting schedule nor to the meetings attendance requirement for MIGS.