From the President’s Whistle

From the President’s Whistle


I would like to ask for your help. In the past several years I have been asked by a number of our members if there is a written history of our association. Currently there is not but if we can collect enough verifiable data we will be able to prepare a hard copy in the near future. Several of us have been collecting information on the WMOA dating back as far as we can however there are some holes in our data. Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a short list of some areas that we need help with:

  1. Dan Nameth Recipient 1967?
  2. Charter Members
  3. Original By-Laws
  4. First Officers
  5. Number and Names of officials who have worked a final in football and basketball.

The best way to gather this data is; if you have ever worked a final in either of these two sports, send us your name, sport and year your worked the final.

If you know anyone who can help us with this information please contact me or Bob Wojcik.

Bene Lynn Benedict: ref527@charter.net

Bob Wojcik: Wojob12@gmail.com

Thank You.
Bene Lynn Benedict