From the President’s Whistle

From the President’s Whistle


I am confident that many, if not all of you, are looking forward to the day we no longer have to plow or snow blow our driveways and walks. As much as the changing of the seasons brings a new sport season it also brings with it a change of temperature. I for one am looking forward to warmer weather, soon.

The WMOA Board of Directors has had a busy year and as we draw closer to the end and nearer to our Membership Meeting and Banquet I would like to make sure you are up to date on a few changes.

This year the board has decided that every current member of our association should have the right to vote on a selection of names for Athletic Director, Coach of the Year (Football & Basketball) as well as the Football and Basketball Officials of the Year. You will be presented in the next few weeks a ballot of candidates which you will have the right to vote for the person of your choice. This will be in addition to the Dan Nameth recipients for Football and Boy and Girls Basketball and elected officers.

I would also like to remind you of the dates for the Membership meeting and Banquet and please note the change in date of the Membership Meeting and new location of the Banquet.


Membership Meeting                                                   Banquet
Date:   March 17                                                               Date:   March 31
Location: Polish Falcons                                          Location: Stonewater Country Club / Banquet Facility
957 Fulton St SW                                                              7177 Kalamazoo Ave
Grand Rapids, MI  49504                                               Caledonia, MI  49316
Time:   7:00 PM                                                                 Time:  Pre-dinner 6:00 PM / Dinner 7:00 PM
Thank you.
Bene Lynn Benedict
West Michigan Officials Association