From the President’s Whistle

From the President’s Whistle

Summer, what a great time to relax, take in some sun, rub your toes in the sand…and get back in shape for the athletic seasons that will soon be here. Yes, I know, not exactly what you wanted to hear. We should all remember that each year we get older but the athletes we officiate all stay the same age. You cannot ask for a better reason to start a daily regiment of exercise. Staying fit by staying healthy will give each one of us a better opportunity to “make the right call”.
Your board continues to try and be proactive in addressing things that concern each one of us. I would suggest you review the minutes of each board meeting. You will see as shown in the minutes how the board has taken steps which allow each member to be more involved. I, as well as other board members, continuously receive emails and phone calls that I hope are all addressed and answered. You may not always get the answer you want but I never want you to think you are not being heard.
Rob Atkinson, Secretary has done a great job to insure that after each board meeting our minutes are posted to the website. Andy McKellar and Pete VanGessel are consistently working to improve our website and we say thank you. Your Football Program Chair, Ray Thomas along with Brad Burnett, Registrar are working feverously to have everything in place for the football season which is now just a few weeks away. Mark Lundvick, Basketball Program Chair has a bit more time but I know that he has already secured speakers for his season as well as informative information. Rick Hert, President Elect and Doug Kaptein, Vice President have been giving their time to the Michigan Day/NASO Summit which will take place in Grand Rapids on July 27. If you have not registered, Faye Verellen at the MHSAA is waiting to hear from you. Please do not miss this opportunity. Go to the MHSAA website to register.
I would like to thank each member “you” for your input, advice, and understanding. We are all working hard to make our association the best.

B. Lynn Benedict
President, WMOA

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