2 Year Term

    Key Qualities

  • Detail-oriented
  • Math skills
  • Organization skills, able to work within deadlines
  • Accurate record keeping
  • Understand financial statements (e.g., preparing basic P&L statements, balancing accounts, etc.)
  • Computer skills (Excel, Word, e-mail, internet)
  • Able to keep balanced records (e.g., check books)


  • Be responsible for and have control/custody of all WMOA funds
  • Have authority (along with the Secretary) to draw on or deposit funds of the Association
  • Keep Board and membership informed of overall financial status on an ongoing basis
  • Disperse funds as required in a timely fashion
  • Issue reimbursements for Board and committee expenses (65-90 per year, most pertaining to annual Election Meeting and banquet)
  • Make deposits (such as membership dues), and work with Secretary to track membership information
  • Make provisions for collection of dues (busiest months are May-June, other busier months are Aug-Sept and Nov-Dec)
  • Distribute funds within WMOA account for subaccounts, such as Officials for Kids, Football Clinic, Community Relations Committee, etc.
  • Prepare detailed financial statement of the current year for the annual Election Meeting
  • Prepare budget for upcoming year
  • Maintain records for fiscal year running May 1 to April 30
  • Coordinate audit with outside party (no WMOA affiliation) for submittal to MHSAA (conducted at the completion of the year in May, and due by July 1)
  • Attend and participate in WMOA Board meetings as a voting member