Football Registrar

2 Year Term

    Key Qualities

  • People person
  • Good communication skills (written and oral)
  • Organization skills
  • Planning skills
  • Networking skills
  • Computer skills (e-mail, internet)
  • Patience
  • Problem solver
  • Knowledge of the games rules and mechanics
  • Equitable, fair and impartial


  • Facilitate the orientation of new football officials
  • Assign officials and crews of officials to scrimmages and games submitted to the WMOA by area high schools and middle schools. Assist other football organizations (Rocket, Youth, Ad-Hoc, etc.) with their officiating needs by using the arbiter system as a communications tool to announce officiating opportunities to the membership. Do this as a service provided by the WMOA free of charge to the membership and to the schools and/or organizations who utilize this service.
  • Assign officials and crews of officials in a fair and equitable manner to all members of the WMOA, taking into consideration and giving priority to individuals who are Members in Good Standing and crews with Members in Good Standing, and the level of skill and experience required to meet the needs of the opportunity.
  • Become familiar with the level of skill and experience of the membership, especially as it relates to new officials and their development. This includes knowing the skill and experience levels of these individuals by position (Referee, Umpire, Head Linesman, Line Judge, Back Judge).
  • To ensure the greatest possible opportunity for success, the Registrar must maintain the highest level of understanding of the rules of the game, and the mechanics of both 4-man and 5-man officiating.
  • Function as a resource to the high schools, middle schools, organizations, and especially to the membership when the need is for a substitute official.
  • Manage the situation when there is conflict between an entity using the WMOA Football Registrar services and a participating member official of the WMOA. This could mean serving as a sounding board for a complaint regarding conduct, a source for an opinion, a source for a rules interpretation, or any other technical or ethics related issue related to football and/or officiating decorum. As such, be willing and able to make decisions in the best interest of both participating parties, including removing officials from assignments.
  • Be readily available via phone/email, especially during the season as imminent needs arise.
  • Serve as a member of the planning committee for the annual WMOA Football Clinic.
  • Co-chair Membership Committee (and serve on additional committees as appointed).
  • Regularly attend and participate in WMOA Rules meetings and Board meetings
  • Utilize the arbiter software system as the assigning software of the WMOA. To do this, you will have to maintain the system as it relates to member officials, football crews, various levels of assignment (high school, middle school, etc.), game sites, school/site contacts, home and away teams, and payroll information (bill-to’s and game fees).
  • Serve as a potential back-up resource to the WMOA Football Program Chairperson.
  • Be an advocate for the football membership to the WMOA Board.