Basketball Program Chair

1 Year Term

    Key Qualities

  • People person
  • Communication skills (written and oral)
  • Public speaking skills (comfortable speaking in front of large groups)
  • Organization skills
  • Planning skills
  • Networking skills
  • Computer skills (e-mail, internet, Power Point and video presentations)


  • Work in conjunction with Registrar to recruit, train and retain basketball officials
  • Plan and conduct all basketball rules and mechanics meetings for the Association
  • Gather written, video and other materials from various sources—including, but not limited to—the MHSAA, NFHS, NASO and others, pertinent to training of officials
  • Be responsible for all necessary equipment that belongs to the association and/or the facility where meetings are held
  • Obtain and maintain “trainer” status with the MHSAA
  • Appoint committees and committee members, as necessary, within the basketball officials membership
  • Track and record all membership attendance at all meetings (as to “member- in-good-standing” status with the MHSAA)
  • Facilitate answers to membership questions and concerns regarding rules and rules interpretations
  • With regard to any pertinent rules/mechanics-related information, act as liaison between the membership, the Board, the football membership and the MHSAA
  • Attend and participate in WMOA Board meetings as a voting member